About Us

My name is Brenda Krug! I am the owner of All Dolled Up. I have been married to my amazing, caring husband for 21 years and we have one daughter that is 23 years old and have had the honor of helping raise several more along the way. I was retired from special education teaching due to a medical condition in 2006 and have been a stay at home mom and try to be a wife since then. LOL. We also have 2 furbabies Deizel and Einstein, who are more spoiled than my daughter. I started tagging 3 years ago with the full intention of working my way up to having my own store. I wanted to learn from the ground up. I put my first kits in the store a little over year ago and started my own store around the same time. I love tagging and making kits, it's my favorite past time while helping me make it through the month financially. This just isn't a hobby to me, to me it's a passion, a love of something that makes me happy! How many people can say they get to do something they love every? I have a tagging group on facebook and am involved in many special projects that keep me very busy. With all that being said, I would like to give you my theory on my pricing and business practices. I try to stand in a taggers shoes every kit i do. I try to think of what would be needed to do a tag and think about the scene then what would be needed and try to fill the kit with everything that would fill that kit up. I make my kits large and keep them at a lower price because I know where you are coming from and want to try and help, plus I am still fairly new and still lerning so my kits aren't always the way i would like them lol. I would rather take a loss on my business then keep my prices high and not sell anything. I appreciate all of my customers/fans more than you could ever know. Thank you for listening to me ramble. We appreiate your business and hope that we have brought together a really cool bunch of designers for you to choose from and that you will make All Dolled Up your scrapbooking store of choice!

Brenda K. Krug
Owner of All Dolled Up