• Witchy Dreams 5

6 cu/pu tubes by ©IngridCrowe for your tagging pleasure.

~ArthurCrowe and Team CU/PU Tubes, (includes Danny Lee, Andy Cooper, The Hunter and Maxx Carter)

Can not be resold in any way.They are to be used in a kit or personal use for a tag and may not be resold. A kit is defined as 50 elements and 10 papers otherwise it is just an element pack. Can not put more than 2 tubes in 1 kit no matter what. Can not be sold as a stand alone tube for pu/cu use. For Credits you must credit artists such as ¬©Arthur Crowe https://store.alldolledupstore.com/ your license number 

You must contact customer service at All Dolled Up! for a license number

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Witchy Dreams 5

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